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ProTempus is not cloud based. However, we do use the SAAS (Software as a Service) business model used by cloud based software. ProTempus is software that is downloaded and installed on your computer. We use Microsoft database products which stores all your client’s data on your local network, securely behind your routers firewall.

To our knowledge ProTempus is the only non-cloud based attorney software that uses the SAAS business model. This pricing model has several advantages for you. Number one, it lets you use the system with little to no up-front cost. Other software packages have a high purchase price and often have many hidden costs including, annual support contacts or billing for support.

We feel our technology gives you the best of both worlds. Our SAAS pricing, is all inclusive. It includes the use of our software with unlimited support and training and perpetual updates, NO HIDDEN FEES. Many find the SAAS pricing one of the most appealing features of cloud bases systems. ProTempus provides the same low cost as cloud based systems, while providing you with the data security that cloud based systems cannot match. Every month we hear of more breaches of web sites that we were told were secure. Yes, it is probably true that any system can be hacked, if someone wanted to target you personally. However, your little network of 2 or 3 attorneys is a much smaller target than a cloud based system with thousands of attorneys and a goldmine of data. Of course there is also that NSA thing? With ProTempus you have 100% control of your client’s data 100% of the time.

ProTempus Pricing


Up-front purchase price


Long-term contracts


First 30 Days




Monthly service fee
                (Due at the end of the 1st 30 days).


First attorney/time keeper (Networked with staff)

$100 / month

Each additional Attorneys/time-keeper

$40 / month

Each additional paralegal/time-keeper

$20 / month

Each additional staff (non time-keepers)


Unlimited Training


Unlimited Support


Perpetual Updates


Your complete satisfaction


Example 1:
A solo attorney with two secretaries.
The monthly fee is $100, which covers the attorney and both office staff (non-billing staff are not charged for full access to ProTempus).

Example 2:
8 attorneys, 3 paralegals and 5 secretaries. 
The monthly fee is $440 [$100 (1st Attorney) + $280 (7 attorneys x $40) + $60 (3 paralegals x $20) = $440]. The 5 secretaries are non-billing staff and are not counted as users although they have full access to ProTempus. To further clarify, if there were 10 secretaries, all would be included along with the attorneys and paralegals for $440












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